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4/9/24: Trump Attacked On Abortion Stance, The Rock Refuses Biden Endorsement, RFK Staffer Says Goal Is Help Trump, Young Billionaires All Nepo Babies, Blackstone Housing Takeover, Amazon Fake AI Grocery Store, Jesse Watters Hates $20 Fast Food Wage, Bibi Vows Rafah Invasion, Bibi Begs For WW3 With Iran Strike

Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Breaking Points

News, Government, Society & Culture, Politics, Philosophy

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🗓️ 9 April 2024

⏱️ 135 minutes

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Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump attacked by pro-life groups after abortion comments, The Rock refuses to endorse Biden, RFK staffer says goal is to help Trump, every new young billionaire is a nepo baby, Blackstone $10 billion housing takeover, Amazon admits AI grocery store was fake, Jesse Watters furious over $20 wage, Bibi vows Rafah invasion incoming, Elizabeth Warren says Israel committing genocide, Bibi Iran strike is begging for WW3.

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Truck stop brothels run by a web of ex-cons. A Commonwealth attorney wasted on


whiskey and power. Protection exchanged for cash and flesh. This is Hooker Gay, criminals and libertines in the South, and I am


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Hi, I'm Martha Stewart and we're back with a new season of my podcast.


This season will be even more revealing and more personal, with more entrepreneurs,


more live events, and more questions from you. I'm talking to my cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Dan Belkin


about the secrets behind my skin care. Encore Jane about creating a billion dollar


startup. Walter Isakson about the geniuses who change the world.


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Hey everybody, welcome to a cross generations


where the voices of black women unite.


I'm your host, Tiffany Cross.


Join me and be a part of sisterhood, friendship, wisdom, and laughter.


We gather a seasoned elder, myself, as the middle generation,


and a vibrant young soul for engaging intergenerational conversations,


prepare to engage or hear perspectives that literally no one else has had.


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Hey guys, ready or not, 2024 is here and we here at Breaking Points are already thinking of ways we can up our game for this critical election.


We rely on our premium subs to expand coverage, upgrade the studio, ad staff, give you


guys the best independent coverage that is possible. If you like what we're all about, it just


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