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🗓️ 13 December 2021

⏱️ 48 minutes

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Artie welcomes radio personality, comedian and podcaster, Adam Carolla. Mike Boccetti also joins.

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We're back with Arty Lang's Halfway House. Mike Portshetti is joining us. What's in the


back of you? It's a blue screen, but it looks like a blue trampoline. It's not a trampoline.


It's a trampoline. Yeah. It's a traction with my toilet sheet. I was going to say who uses a trampoline in your family?


I used to it one time five or six years ago. Five or six years ago you were pretty heavy man.


No, but I started working out then. I started training again. I started working in a cardio


kickbox. And is that the, and really, do you have a trainer? Yeah, I started a few weeks ago.


The thing is I went to my cardio just yesterday, right? Oh, yeah, no kidding. And all my vital


signs, he said a phenomenal, it should have taken everything out of heart of that.


That's how many heart attacks have you had? Just one. Okay. I'm not looking for another one.


No, no, no, that's good. Good for you, Mike. I'm glad you got a good bill of health there.


Well, if I do die, I hope it's in an upscale salad bar. I should fall into it.


And upscale salad bar. I don't think there's things that remain like it.


Like it. Benning. Something like that. That's upscale.


Now your earpiece is keep falling out. Well, everything falls out. Why don't you like the


headsets like like I'm wearing? You know, like, you know, like, I got, well, I'm not sure if


it works. Haven't used it yet. You're afraid of the mess up your shot truce here?


Oh, yeah, yeah, because what's I going to say? Who's coming in? You say Adam Corolla?


Adam Corolla, yeah. I love him from the men's shops. Yep. Absolutely.


Well, he came on your show as well. What do you call it on the right of the day?


Yeah, no, Adam's a good friend. He's funny. I love him because I don't, you know what?


I've had to have one of my favorite shows. I still love that jig. The jump. I forgot the name of the


girls. You have to trampolite. You can trampolite. Yeah. Well, the jugalos?


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