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308 - Love on the Spectrum is…


Jake Triplett

Stand-up, Improv, Comedy

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🗓️ 26 February 2024

⏱️ 97 minutes

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Jake spent the weekend by himself with his ear clogged and Brad spent the weekend live on Instagram. We hear a hilarious Worship leading fail via voice memo and also recount our time scrimmaging high school boys in basketball. Check out Main Street Roasters and use code GRKC at check out for a 10% discount! https://mainstreetroasters.com Check out Good Ranchers and get %10 off with code GRKC http://bit.ly/3KV86YU Ghostrunners merch: https://bit.ly/399MXFu Get a personalized video from us on Cameo: https://v.cameo.com/e/fvERn6rrysb Become a Patron and get exclusive content from Jake & Brad: https://bit.ly/2XJ1h3y Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/33WAq4P Leave us a voice memo and ask a question: https://anchor.fm/jake-triplett/message Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Jake, would you ever want to be a hearse driver?


You know, I thought about it when we were, not professionally, but when we took the


limo across the country, we looked into a hearse.


Really? Yeah, I thought that would be funny.


Just like have a bed back there or something.


Yeah. But then we're like, I don't know. Like if you're going to go big car, limo's a lot more fun.


Yeah, it's got a better reputation than the hearse. People are more excited to hawk for a little.


Yeah, you can't, yeah, you can't like sell out your hood to a sponsor on a hearse.


That feels wrong. Like is this guy branding his funeral?


I just, every time I see a hearse. wrong like is this guy branding his funeral?


I just, every time I see a hearse and like I'm like somebody has to drive that thing


and just on the off chance, what if there's just one time?


You hear a little.


Just a little, just a a you take a bump a little


you see it kind of fly up you're like that was that was just because of the


bump right yeah you hear like a knock or like, huh, that wasn't.


That, I'm hearing things.


You know how like when you're home alone,


sometimes you hear things?


The house, one of my phony phrases when we did that segment was, yeah, yeah house ain't creaky in the


daytime or something like that yeah so yeah it would be like that like I would need


limos Creek quieter than herses.


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