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302 - What's The Deal With Groceries, Huh?


Jake Triplett

Stand-up, Improv, Comedy

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🗓️ 5 February 2024

⏱️ 102 minutes

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Brad tells the story of a little mistake he made involving an unlocked door and a child. Jake shares about his time speaking at his alma mater SBU. And Timon does everything else. Check out Cozy Earth and get 35% off site wide with promo code GRKC at https://cozyearth.com/ Check out Dwell and use our link to get 25% off a yearly subscription https://dwellbible.com/grkc Check out Main Street Roasters and use code GRKC at check out for a 10% discount! https://mainstreetroasters.com Check out Good Ranchers and get %10 off with code GRKC http://bit.ly/3KV86YU Ghostrunners merch: https://bit.ly/399MXFu Become a Patron and get exclusive content from Jake & Brad: https://bit.ly/2XJ1h3y Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/33WAq4P Leave us a voice memo and ask a question: https://anchor.fm/jake-triplett/message Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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As you know, I've been playing a little bit of indoor volleyball recently and this is a coed league and in coed indoor 6 on 6 volleyball.


It's very common to have a rule that if it takes two or more hits to get it back over the net a girl has to touch it a girl has to be involved so if they serve it


To me and I hit it and it you know I shank a little bit


Isaac's got a scramble and then he bumps it up in the air everyone to shout a girl a girl a girl a girl a girl a girl


has to hit it again for it to go over the net they're not showing that


Isaac like what a terrible hit!


Like, you're weakly, girl, girl, girl, girl, little girl, little girl.


So yeah, you just shout girl, and Isaac and I have a problem with this rule for a number of reasons.


I could see why. One. Feminism. Yeah. We, Isaac, I loved Barbie. It's 2024.


Yes. Two, I mean time is over here making major camera




I won.


Phaman is over here.


Geez, Tyman heard feminism and just knocked the camera over.


He did not like that.


He's JinZ, you know, he's gotta stand up for the ladies.


But also, we don't like this rule because it feels like inverse of how it should be.


Yeah. Women are the superior volleyball players.


Every girl on her team played college volleyball.


Why do we have to force them to hit it? A girl like is if a girl is not


involved it's because the play did not go how it's supposed to. Yeah yeah


it's because I did bad and then Isaac did bad and then you know whatever else.


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