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286 - Brad and Timon Call the Ghosties!


Jake Triplett

Stand-up, Improv, Comedy

51.9K Ratings

🗓️ 11 December 2023

⏱️ 80 minutes

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We gave Timon a camera! (Don't worry, it'll go away once Jake is back in the country). Jake is in Australia for his standup comedy tour! Brad misses Jake dearly, but updates the ghosties on the final part of his trip to Hawaii, talks about some family Christmas traditions, introduces a new segment, and takes calls from the ghosties! We are sponsored by these amazing companies. Buy their products and support the podcast! * Check out Main Street Roasters and use code GRKC at check out for a 10% discount! https://mainstreetroasters.com * Check out Good Ranchers and get %10 off with code GRKC http://bit.ly/3KV86YU * Check out Dwell and use our link to get 25% off a yearly subscription https://dwellbible.com/grkc Ghostrunners merch: https://bit.ly/399MXFu Become a Patron and get exclusive content from Jake & Brad: https://bit.ly/2XJ1h3y Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/33WAq4P Leave us a voice memo and ask a question: https://anchor.fm/jake-triplett/message Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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All right, hey, guys, if you're listening to this, just know that we did it.


We've successfully recorded and produced a podcast without Jake.


And this one specifically took a little bit of time to get off the ground if you're going to use a airplane metaphor like


Jake did loves to fly you know yeah it was it was a little bit hectic I had the idea I don't know a couple days ago of like hey let's get some


more interaction let's do some phone calls with ghosties on this episode which


time and thought was a great idea shout to timemen, time and show your face.




I have a camera!


Time has got a camera baby!


So Jake's not here, but Timen's on camera.


So you told me if that's a worthy trade, but had the fun time was like great. Let's try it and I don't know it's been our hour plus trying to figure out this


You know phone call technology whatnot but we got to work thanks to time and


thanks to time and never never say die attitude and I'm pumped so yeah as you may


or may not realize Jake is out of the country. He is down under in Australia


I don't know how much more of the accent I can do but instead of just sitting here and crying, we are deciding to make a podcast, me and




So let's time and welcome.


I will say, just right off the bat here, just pulled up to Jake's house to unlock the door for timing to get in earlier and


I mean belined right right when I got out the car beeline to the driveway was


Jake's across the street neighbor Dennis.


Shout out to Dennis, great guy.


Have you met him before a time?


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