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235: Behind the Scenes of the Entrepreneurial Archetype with Founders Josh Hamilton & Amanda Bucci

Bucci Radio

Amanda Bucci

Entrepreneurship, Education, Self-improvement, Business

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🗓️ 24 November 2020

⏱️ 82 minutes

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Oftentimes, entrepreneurs get stuck doing things they think they SHOULD be doing, when in reality, success as an entrepreneur comes from actually understanding your inner self. When you’re confronted with thousands of other people doing something similar to you on the daily, it’s imperative to develop a strong sense of self and make decisions based on what’s the most aligned for you; rather than what’s trending.

Today’s guest is Josh Hamilton, my co-founder and business partner for The Entrepreneurial Archetype Brand. Josh is an Entrepreneur archetype; meaning he’s a behind the scenes, a wizard of all things strategy and vision, and a wonderful compliment to my creator-coach type. Josh has been a high-level business consultant for years, having worked with and scaled numerous companies to 7-figures.

Today’s episode is a behind-the-scenes conversation with the Founders of the Entrepreneurial Archetype, and we discuss:

  • What’s coming in the future of the Entrepreneurial Archetypes
  • Why the Archetypes are the next Enneagram
  • Josh and Amanda coming together as co-founders and business partners
  • Behind the scenes mapping out the business
  • Struggles and challenges of building a massive vision


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