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221: The Science of Energetics with Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell

Bucci Radio

Amanda Bucci

Entrepreneurship, Education, Self-improvement, Business

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🗓️ 23 June 2020

⏱️ 63 minutes

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Everything is made of energy--as human beings, we have anatomical, biological, physiological, chemical, neuronal, and more matter-based systems we study in Western Science. In the quantum realm, science has proven we actually made of 99.9999% “empty space,” (due to the structure of an atom), or: energy.

Today’s guest is Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell. She is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with a focus in Herbology and Sacred Sexuality) and owns her own company called Nuchi. She’s here to jam with us on all things Eastern Medicine and healing, and to teach us all about Energetics (which we will break down for you).

In this episode, we cover the science of Energetics and attraction, lineage and how experiences from generations get passed down to us, Chinese Medicine, paying attention to our bodies and becoming aware of our own energy dynamics, honoring cycles of emotions, feeling your boundaries and edges, power struggles and dynamics, taking responsibility for our own energy, transferring energy, imbalances in the body, and having a mindfulness practice with elements.

Find Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell on Instagram @drsheilamariecampbell and find her Sacred Sexuality course at https://www.nuchi.us/course/sacred-sexuality


  • [4:20] Dr. Campbell gives us context about her gifts, and cliff notes on how she got to be a master in her field
  • [11:56] How Sheila went to Mystery School and started meditating
  • [16:24] Sheila breaks down what energy and energetics is
  • [27:56] Amanda asks Sheila to describe lineage and how things get passed down to us.
  • [35:24] Sheila discusses power dynamics and how our power can be gained or taken from us
  • [39:24] How to be discerning with your energy and not compare your energy to others
  • [42:40] How can we be the most powerful with our energy?
  • [49:25] Sheila explains the 5 elements of energy
  • [54:53] Amanda asks Sheila to break down the energies of the 4 Entrepreneurial Archetypes

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