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204 - Periodical Time Tables

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Exactly Right

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🗓️ 9 January 2020

⏱️ 85 minutes

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Karen and Georgia cover The Butcher Baker Robert Hansen and the mysterious murder of Dorothy Jane Scott.

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Exhibit C. It's truly criminal.


Hello! Welcome to my favorite murder. We're back. Can you are back? Are you ready? Are you ready for 2020?


Are you ready for Georgia Hardstar? Are you ready for Karen Kilcaras?


Pointing. Pointing. Pointing at each other. We can't hear it but we're pointing at each other.


It's the loudest point. I'm just curious. No, what was that? My arm just criff. Oh good.


I reached my arm out to dramatically point. Oh no. Do we have Boniva as a sponsor?


I'm braking. You're braking. I'm breaking all apart. It's 2020 the year of breaking.


It's 2020 things are falling apart and so am I. Hey, hey, um welcome back.


We're back. Karen and everyone. Thank you. We're like a week away. Do you know this from it being four years since we started?


Shit, really? Yeah, so like we're almost in our fifth year essentially.


Which is like, is that right? No, we're in our fourth going into our fourth year.


Going into the fourth year. Okay. That's such a crazy. That's like a relationship.


That's what? Oh no, that means I have to break up before in year five.


I'm sorry, there's my personal rules. We get married or break up. We then we double down and adopt seven kids.


Yeah. I get out of town. Let's do it. Okay. Yeah. Let's get a big house. Okay.


We kind of have it away. Yeah, this is a huge house. And there's our child right over there.


Steven, we're in. He's seven children and one. He's all the children.


Okay. What do you have this week? Just a blank slate ready to be filled with the 2020ness of


impending doom, but also in extreme potential. Who knows what this year will bring?


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