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200: Rogan-Rufo Reality Check


Derek Beres, Matthew Remski, Julian Walker

Social Sciences, Religion & Spirituality, Philosophy, Spirituality, Society & Culture, Science

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🗓️ 4 April 2024

⏱️ 69 minutes

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This week we take stock of the full entrenchment of the Mirror World, where conspirituality influencers bask in the rays of confident delusion. After a little stage-setting on the heterodox mediasphere, we open with a snapshot of conspirituality Valhalla as we listen in on Joe Rogan and Chris Rufo talking about unhoused people as though they are children who haven’t been given good boundaries. Then we’ll look at four instances in which the spectacle brokers meet reality. What happens when Chaya Raichik gets bodied by Taylor Lorenz? What happens when the Moms for Liberty have to explain themselves on 60 minutes? What happens when Destiny rejects Jordan Peterson’s bullshit? And what happens when the mack daddy of it all, Alex Jones, gets confronted by Sandy Hook parents, face to face? Does reality break through? Head to factormeals.com/conspirituality50 and use code conspirituality50 to get 50% off your first month plus 20% off your next month! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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What is various data?


It's the database that until the COVID-19 pandemic emerged


and we had the unfortunate consequence that there were so many side effects


being reported.


It was the gold standard for determining whether or not vaccines were safe.


And now as soon as it started to misbehave on the MRNA vaccine front, we decided that we were


going to doubt the validity of the VAER's reporting system.


The VAER's reporting system never been the goal center for anything.


VAER's reporting is just if you want to report that there is some issue that you have after getting a vaccine.


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