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194: How to Go All In, Separate Yourself, and Own Your Uniqueness - with Megan Yelaney

Bucci Radio

Amanda Bucci

Entrepreneurship, Education, Self-improvement, Business

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🗓️ 5 November 2019

⏱️ 54 minutes

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There’s a difference between vanilla messaging and trying to be like everybody else, verses separating yourself and owning what makes you uniquely you. One person who continually embraces her real, true, #PrettyAwkward self is today’s guest, Megan Yelaney. Megan owns her “Megness”, and crushes it with her marketing by showing up as herself every single day and creating a business that makes her feel at home.

Most of you know that Megan is one of the few people who has been a mentee and client of mine, an incredible friend, and was the head coach of FCA for over a year. Megan started off as a Network Marketer in an MLM before eventually joining Influencer Academy (now FCA) and starting her own business coaching and scaling it to multiple 6-figures. She’s an incredible example of someone who has always shown up with integrity and continually steps it up to the next level.

In this episode, we talk about transitional and pivotal moments in business, being real and not caring what other people think, separating yourself by not becoming a carbon copy, getting out of your bubble, and creating a routine and business that feels light and exciting.

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But when your brand is you, then you don't have to stress every day.


And I don't have to stress about, is this post,


is this picture, is this caption, is it going to have that unique message?


Because I'm just truly being myself. Welcome to the Bucci Radio Podcast. I am your host, Amanda Bucci. This podcast is your favorite place to access the


intersection between business coaching, social media strategy, and personal


mastery. By listening to Bucci radio you'll get practical and actionable tactics and strategies


for business growth, sales, coaching, offer curation, and social media growth while we


pair that with working through subconscious emotional and mental blocks, creatively


expressing yourself through your platform, developing the highest version of you,


and supporting you to get into your power. We know that coaches, entrepreneurs, and people like you don't just want to make money


and build the business of their dreams. You want to know how to navigate the experience of putting


yourself out there to people on the internet, building something that truly serves you, and how to move through life to continue to stay in alignment, especially when things get messy.


This podcast will always give you the dose of realness, practicality, and empowerment you truly need.


So stick with us if you're ready for solo casts from me and interviews from some of the best experts I know to support you on your mission to flourish and conquer. What's going on everyone? Welcome back to another episode of Bucci Radio. Our


special guest of the episode is Miss Megan Yulaney and I'm so excited to connect


with her today on the podcast.


She's been on the podcast before in a different setting.


For those of you who don't know, Megan is a life


and business coach and one of the few people that


has actually been a mentee of mine that she's been working in my


company she's also been a client she's also been a friend for those of you who don't


know Megan is one of my favorite humans in the world but her background. It includes musical


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