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182. Missionaries Ministering Through Service — Jeff Strong at Restore

Faith Matters

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🗓️ 3 September 2023

⏱️ 36 minutes

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This week, we’re excited to share with you another gem from our Restore gathering last year. This is a presentation by Jeff Strong. Now his name may sound familiar to you because Jeff also came on for an incredible episode called “Getting Real About Missionary Work” last year- episode #124, which we highly recommend. That episode is one of Faith Matters’ most listened to of all time.

But in today’s episode, you’re going to hear about Jeff’s experience as a mission president of the Bentonville, Arkansas Mission where he and his wife led a phenomenally successful pilot program with his missionaries. I’ll let Jeff fill in the details — but for us, the story of the Bentonville, Arkansas mission has totally revolutionized the way we imagine missionary work and we can’t wait for you to hear about it.

There are some really interesting visuals in this presentation you may want to see so you can also go to our YouTube channel to watch the video there.

To tell you a little bit about Jeff, in addition to serving as a mission leader with his wife Sara from 2018- 2021 in the Bentonville, Arkansas Mission, Jeff has been a senior level executive at several multinational companies, and has spent almost 3 decades in management. He’s also worked as a consultant and private equity advisor and has served as a special project director at BYU’s Marriott School of Business, where he led the startup of the Marketing Lab.

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Hey everyone, I just want to take a second to invite you to join me this year at Restore


a Faith Matters Gathering happening October 13th and 14th.


It's going to be at the Amount and America Expo Center in Sandy and it promises to be


an exceptional conference.


I attended last fall and found it to be a remarkably inspiring, hopeful two days of listening


to really well-prepared, thoughtful talks as well as inspiring music and really feeling


a deep connection with my other Latter-day Saint brothers and sisters around me in our


shared desire to speak to the best in our faith and to speak to one another and find a sense


of connection.


I'm also going to be one of the people speaking.


I'll be speaking a bit about eros energy and its connection to spirituality and to the


light of Christ.


And so I hope to see you all there.


Hey everybody, this is Aubrey Chavez from Faith Matters.


Today we're so excited to share with you another gem from our Restore Gathering last year.


This is a presentation by Jeff Strong.


Now his name may sound familiar to you because Jeff also came on for an incredible episode


called Getting Real About Missionary Work, about a year ago.


That was episode number 124 and we highly recommend it if you haven't heard it.


It continues to be one of our top five most listened to episodes and for good reason.


But in today's episode, you're going to hear about Jeff's experience as a mission


president of the Bentonville Arkansas Mission, where he and his wife let a phenomenally successful


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