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🗓️ 10 January 2020

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Artie Lange and Mike Bocchetti interview stand-up comic Craig Gass! Presented by TheComicsGym.com Thanks to MyBookie.ag - If you're going to wager this weekend go to bit.ly/MYB-Artie and use code Artie to get a 50% signup bonus. Thanks to Blue Chew. Go to BlueChew.com and get your first shipment FREE (just pay $5 shipping) when you use the promo code ARTIE

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There you go. That was wimpy. It's already Lang's half way house. We're back. Mike Bochetti here. Hey,


howdy. Happy New Year. Give me the load down on his eating and his heart attacks the situation.


Mike claims he eats healthy. I don't think he eats healthy. No, I do, but it can happen anyway.


It's genetic. Yes, genetic. That and a truckload of mayonnaise. Putting mayonnaise on Sicilian pizza.


I'll do it. One of my favorite human beings on the planet is here. A guy I've been working with on


the road. That guy I reconnected with him after my incarceration. I'll just legend that we guys


start fans love him. Comedy fans love him. We all have the great, great guests. What's up, buddy?


It's good to see you, man. How you doing? Yeah, we've been talking before and after the


incarceration. We've been talking for a while. Yeah. Years about life and, uh, uh,


and about similar shit that we've been through. And that's right. Now, I want to see you about,


about, you know, you're what you've gone through. Well, it's funny because I recognize you and I


have had conversations that I used to have with people. I used to go up to comedians and musicians


and go, uh, hey, uh, see, you're, you're sober, right? And then go, yeah, I go so, uh, I mean,


just out of curiosity. How do you, uh, like, you know, because I, how do you do it?


How do you do it? How do you, uh, you know, I'd ask and you and I have had similar conversations


over the years. And, uh, but yeah, I'm honest about it. I had a tough time. Uh, I'd go through stages


of how honest and how transparent I want to be. Right. It's hard. It's hard to figure that,


you know, try to do that dance walk that line when you're in the public eye performing.


You know, because your story could help people, but you want your privacy, too, you know,


it's interesting for you because you've always put everything out there. Oh, yeah. I hit a little bit.


And then sometimes I would share stories with Howard because I think, oh, this is a funny story.


And then I would be shocked that people wanted to talk to me about it in private. And I'd go,


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