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18 Again

We Have Concerns

Anthony Carboni/Jeff Cannata

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🗓️ 10 February 2023

⏱️ 62 minutes

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With unlimited funds and intense commitment, is it possible for a 45 year old to have the body of an 18 year old? That is what tech billionaire Bryan Johnson is finding out with his Project Blueprint, an extreme organ-by-organ regimen he and his team of 30 doctors have created. Jeff and Anthony step through the process to determine is Johnson is a pioneer or a Dracula.

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I'm not bad for you to gamble. This is we have concerns. I Jeff Canada. I am the carbony. Hello concerned citizens.


Answer me this week. I'd like to take you back to 1988. Okay. I think it was 1988. I probably


should have looked it up before I started talking, but I'm going to go from my memory 1988. A little


film in theaters hit theaters starring one adorable American icon the cigar wielding George Burns.


18 again. I'm talking to you about the American classic 18 again, Anthony. Now Jeff,


why would you have said 1988 movie starring George Burns and I immediately said 18 again. Do you


know why Jeff? There's only one. One of the George Burns movie is there. There's Oh God.


Oh, there is Oh God. Oh God. You devil is the sequel is the sequel starring the dad from Blossom


who wants to be the world's greatest piano player. And why do I know that and why do I know 18


again. Jeff, I'll tell you why. That's a delight. Because in the early days of cable television,


there were only like four movies they would show. Right. I saw 18 again. Probably a thousand times.


I don't even like the film 18 again very much. It stars that kid who like was the low-cost version


of Patrick Dempsey. Yeah. Yes. He was also television's fairest,


Bueller. Not the movie fairest, Bueller. He was television's fairest, Bueller. When they made


the TV, I think his name was Charlie. Charlie. And this is not to denigrate Charlie.


Shlatter whoever, you know, whoever he is, wherever he may be, whatever he's doing. Now he's a


good actor. He was a charming guy. But he was definitely like we didn't get Dempsey. We're tagging you


in. We didn't get a quarry in you go. Yeah. And you know what? Good career if you can get it,


I say. That's what I'm saying. Because if you think about the 80s, it was it was quarries and


Dempsey's all the way down. All the way down. What is a what is a Charlie to do? What will I tell


you what a Charlie's to do? Charlie's to do what I've done my entire career, which is like, oh,


you couldn't get that big host. That's a shame. What a shame that big host isn't around.


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