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176. The Cherished Doctrine of Heavenly Mother — A Conversation with McArthur Krishna and Michal Thomas

Faith Matters

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🗓️ 22 July 2023

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The Gospel Topics essay titled “Mother in Heaven,” on churchofjesuschrist.org states “The doctrine of a Heavenly Mother is a cherished and distinctive belief among Latter-day Saints.”

It’s with this in mind that three Latter-day Saint women — McArthur Krishna, Ashli Carnicelli, and Trina Caudle, have curated a new collection of writing, poetry, and art called Cherish: The Joy of Our Mother in Heaven.

We were lucky enough to bring McArthur on, along with another one of the book’s contributors, Michal Thomas. We thought that those two women were the perfect pair to come on and speak with us.

Among the subjects we discussed was Elder Dale G. Renlund’s April 2022 General Conference address on the subject of Heavenly Mother — McArthur described the joy she felt when she heard Elder Renlund address the topic in General Conference, in her mind, effectively ending the speculative taboo that Church members shouldn’t even talk about Heavenly Mother. Of course, Elder Renlund did call for an end to “speculation” about Heavenly Mother, and McArthur and Michal fully endorse that idea. As McArthur explains in the episode, it appears that it was unfounded “speculation” by a seminary teacher that led to the half-century-plus “sacred silence” around Heavenly Mother.

These two emphasize that there is so much we can do with our existing beautiful doctrine; everyone should be able to see deity in their own image, and women, in particular, can better understand their own nature by understanding the nature of a Mother in Heaven. And because Heavenly Mother is infinite, there are infinite ways to connect with Her. McArthur and Michal explore that in this conversation, and of course, this new book is a great example of how many are doing it.

We’re really grateful to McArthur and Michal for coming on and having this discussion with us. You can find this new book, Cherish, on Amazon.

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Hey everybody, this is Aubrey Chavez from Faith Matters.


The Gospel Topics essay titled Mother in Heaven on Church of Jesus Christ.org states,


the doctrine of a heavenly mother is a cherished and distinctive belief among Latter-day Saints.


With this in mind that three Latter-day Saint women, MacArthur Krishna, Ashley Carsonelli


and Trina Coddle, have curated a new collection of writing poetry and art called Cherish,


the joy of our Mother in Heaven.


We were lucky enough to bring MacArthur on, along with one of the book's contributors,


Michael Thomas.


We thought that these two women were the perfect pair to come on and speak with us about


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