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🗓️ 31 December 2019

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Artie Lange and Mike Bocchetti end 2019 by spending time with comic Shane Gillis, one of the biggest stories in comedy this year and an all around great guy!

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Hey, it's Arty Lacks' Halfway House, the great Mike Pachatti's here. Mike, they switched


our seats. How do you feel about this? I got a lot more room. I love this. Let's keep


it this way. But why do you need more room? Why do you need more room? I love it. You're


not like getting a little fed in you. I don't know how much more. Even if that's what


I'm saying, you don't move at all. I know. I love it though because I can move now. You


don't need like a good like golf camera to follow you around. Yeah, but I'm a little


fed and you don't know how much better. Well, now you're a lot fed. I don't know. I mean,


you don't look great. I mean, but either the wise. Yeah, but I feel great. That's an important


thing. Our guest is I'm so glad this guy's here, man, because I'm fired up about your


situation. Shane Gillis, great comedian. Shane. Well, you know, first of all, in the news,


so I mean, it's just amazing how the world fucking operates now. So it seems like this


happened so long ago because people talk about it a lot, but you know, you get a gig as


a regular Saturday night life. You find that way. They announced it like September to 12th,


something like that, right? Yeah. Okay. Of this past year, so a couple of months ago. Yeah.


I was I was in I just got out of rehab and this happened. What am I on my rehab fucking tour?


And that's one of the first things someone told me was your situation. And it just it's so it's


just fucking infuriating. So they hire you. And then some some jerk off. And that's what he is a jerk


off. Yeah. Of course. I mean, I don't know who this person is, but these people have nothing


you may never know Shane because it's fucking assholes. Well, you know, probably you know, now,


I mean, it's like we know who the whistleblower is. Shane knows his whistleblower. Yeah. And


you he finds you like from years back. I have one year one year. Yeah. And that's enough.


You know, I mean, I did the world, but in nowadays, that's like 10 fucking years, especially


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