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157: Which Players Deserve An England Call-Up?

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 24 February 2022

⏱️ 45 minutes

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After last week’s heated debate, it only made sense to bring Patrick van Straaten and Henry Hill back together for this week’s episode. Joined by the supposedly-Scottish Dougie Critchley, the trio cast their eye over the England squad ahead of the squad announcement next month. Or rather, they took a look on the edges at who Gareth Southgate could be looking to introduce into the Three Lions set up. Do Wolves’ Max Kilman and Brighton’s Adam Webster deserve a nod over the ever-improving Fikayo Tomori? In midfield, Henry backs James Ward-Prowse and Conor Gallagher over Aston Villa’s Jacob Ramsey, despite his recent impressive form. And going forward, should Tammy Abraham be called up again, or does West Ham’s Jarrod Bowen finally get that phonemail after being one of the Premier League’s form players in recent weeks? Enjoy!

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Extra time


Hello, welcome back to the extra time podcast. It's me your host Patrick Van Stratton, and today I'm joined by Dugi Critchley. Hello, Dugi


Hello, Pat


How are you?


I'm good. Thank you. I'm good. I just say I'm good. I'm a little bit under the weather actually. Don't feel my absolute best


I think


Grace my girlfriend's just got COVID so I might have early onset of COVID and also there's back to be a world war


So I'm a little bit nervous about that as well, but otherwise. Yeah, I'm surviving


Great. I mean, I don't really know how we transition out of that to be honest with you


I'll tell you why I'll tell you why it's because it's because me and you gonna go back at it again, Pat


You know


Routes right it was one of the best podcasts we've had in years by all accounts and all it took was to get two of the


hilarious people on football daily on at the same time so that we could argue. Yeah, yeah


Joe looks pretty relaxed in that whole podcast, which must have been a first. It's because Joe feeds off conflict


Joe himself is actually quite conflict reversed, but Joe really enjoys witnessing conflict. He fires it very enjoyable


So yeah, he was having a great time. He was just stoking it up between me and Henry


Yeah, I go. I think I think the reason that Mike's put me back on here is in the blind hope that I'll just disagree


If something you say so I don't know. I don't know. I might have to just wait here listen to your opinions on some of the players just to


Just to kick off the day reason, but I actually I'd like to stress the people that I actually


Would only disagree with you if I if I genuinely believed it and I think it's gonna be hard to this week maybe


To really find it'll be in true conflicts, but yeah, let's see


You say that, but I mean look, okay, so this week we're gonna talk about players who deserve an England call up


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