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154: How To Fix Leicester City

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 4 February 2022

⏱️ 58 minutes

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The gang get back together for a classic episode of Extra Time, as Patrick van Straaten, Joe Thomlinson and Chris Hamill work out how to fix Leicester City. After analysing their season to date, the first question concerns the manager - should Brendan Rodgers stay in charge? Once that’s settled, they work their way from back to front, initially working out a replacement for Kasper Schmeichel - could Bernd Leno be available? Alessio Romagnoli and Lisandro Martinez are touted as potential centre back options as Jonny Evans remains in the physio’s room, but midfield is the big one. With Wilfred Ndidi injury-prone and Youri Tielemans on the way out, the trio set their sights on Ligue 1. Is Renato Sanches a good fit for the side despite his injuries, or how about Marseille’s Boubacar Kamara. Should Ademola Lookman’s loan be made permanent, or are there better options further afield, like Villarreal’s Samuel Chukwueze? This episode is just like the old days. Enjoy!

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Extra time


Hello, and welcome back to the extra time podcast. It's me your host Patrick van Strarton and today we have a retro lineup for you


I've got Chris Hamill who's performatively yawning. How are you doing Chris? Oh, yeah, I'm very good


Thank you a little bit worse for where after Celtics


Pick triumph over Rangers last night


Rio Hattata. That's how you fix any any squad at any given time that it will Japanese genius


So yeah, if you're in a little bit groggy. We're shooting this earlier than normal, but this feels like a classic how to fix like you said


Three amigos one last time. Yeah, mate. I make a really excited for this. It's nice to be back on the podcast doing a how to fix


Old school vibes. I listened to episode 24 last week when we was talking about


Signing just so I could hear myself talking about weekway cost they'll pat on the back fc


But it's got me all rolled out for this one


I've got to go back to what Chris just said where he said one last time. What's happening Chris?


Where's this going? I feel like this is it is it is my pushing me over the edge. I just clock the vet their courses


Is Joe's Pookie for this season right what Pookie wants to Joe last season about their course is that to him this thing


I said that I said Pookie would never score goals, and he did which means I've said wait will which means he won


But just one player you really sink your talent into yeah, there's always a squeeze all the all the chat out


That is not one player that's like everybody who's just played in the group chat immediately gets reamed out by Tom Linson


Well today we're gonna be taking a look at Lester because obviously it's been a really weird season for Lester


I think we all went into this campaign pretty confident about them having a better year last year


Okay, they played a lot worse than they had the previous two seasons, but they'd had a ton of injuries


It looked like they should be getting back to their best


They brought in some clever business in Sumerian Pax and Dacca, but halfway through the season


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