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151: Who Will Win The Africa Cup of Nations?

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 13 January 2022

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On this week’s podcast, Henry Hill is joined by Zac Djellab and Sam Obaseki and is all about this year’s Africa Cup of Nations. Despite Zac’s allegiance to Algeria and Sam’s to Nigeria, the trio have a considered chat about the big teams this time around, including hosts Cameroon, as well as Ghana and Ivory Coast. Henry thinks Mali might be a dark horse, whilst Chelsea insider Zac reveals what he knows about Hakim Ziyech and his absence from the Morocco team (spoiler: not much). After predicting a tournament winner, they then discuss their favourite kits at this year’s edition, giving shout-outs to Cape Verde, Mauritania and Sierra Leone. Enjoy!

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Extra time


Hello everyone welcome back to the extra time podcast this week we have an african cup of nation-special


Finally here


Who better to join me on the podcast this week? I haven't been here for a long time actually


I've been cast away from the part of this week. I'm joined by Zach Jalab and Sam Obasekhi


Come on representing Algeria and Nigeria respectively. It's competition


Sam let's kick off of you because at the two countries. I'd say Nigeria started off in better form


How are you feeling about the Afcon? Are you excited for it to be back?


I'm very excited. I like the fact that it's getting a lot of coverage


This tournament. I like the fact that


Nigeria actually played really well like it wasn't it wasn't surprising because obviously I couldn't we've always


Had the players but obviously we felt to qualify in 2015


2017 as well. We changed our manager last minute


So that's thinking this could be up in the air that I didn't really know what to expect with this team


But I saw the starting lineup saw Joe Rebo starting in the middle with kid in that show as well


It's kind of questioning that but then when we started playing


We just looked like we're on top from the beginning. We nullified Salah as well


He I think he had one shot the whole game every time he literally got in the ball


You'd see free man just onto him and that was just a beautiful set to see so yeah and in actual squad of banger


So I think I think and I'm not I'm not being biased


I honestly think from all the games I've watched in Afcon so far obviously still early on to see I think


The way we performed you can say where we're up there the favorite still


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