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🗓️ 21 September 2023

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On this episode of the HWMF Podcast, Seth & Bob talk about Seth's elk hunt, Bob's upcoming race, and disconnecting from your phone to appreciate life.

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Traveling's getting me. Good morning, Bob. Hello. I saw you running this morning. I was out there. Yeah, good. You look good. You look slim. You look light, not you look like you cut through the wind.


That means a lot because I didn't feel light this morning. And you used to not look like years ago. You used to look like you were fighting that wind. Yeah.


For sure. No, you look taller too. It's probably the shoes. These shoes have big souls. They do. They got a like a bigger drop on the on the front. Like the name, make a motto of them and where you bought them. So I give me some of them. Those are a six built for speed and height.


They're legit like two to two and a half inches taller. No bullshit. Your legs look way longer this morning. Yeah. Man, that's okay. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. But no, I need new running shoes. Yeah. I need new running shoes. Yeah. Yeah. I rotate them often. Yeah. Yeah. And I run in three or four different pair throughout the week. Really? Yeah. Because it like they use they all use


different parts of your feet, like feet muscles, ankle muscles and trying to strengthen all of them. I learned a little bit about feet muscles on the outcome. Did you are going to get into today here? And I tell you what fucking boots matter, mother fucker. I've always known boots mattered, but not until I was out there. Did I realize how much? Yeah.


Boots matter from how many different perspectives. Perspectives. Yeah. Shits intense. Your feet are important. Gotta take care of your feet, special. Feel like Lieutenant Dan. Fuck it. Socks.


All right. Well, good morning. Good morning, everybody. Welcome to the HWF podcast. I'm your host Seth Ferris. Here's my heterosexual like me. Bob. Good morning. And our newest team, colleague, Aiden. Good morning. How's it going, Aiden? It's going another year older. You are 23.


Yeah. Big two, three. Oh, you switch them around. I'm still older than you. It's like I know I'm still young, but like at the same time, like I'm like, I'm face now growing up. Yeah, growing up to pick the old good job. This place will age a bit. Yeah, a bit of everybody always says, like, you know, like me, they're like, you look 50 mother fuckers, steroids. I'm like, Hey, I will take I will take steroids over stress any day of the week.


Any man that is in his mid 30s early 40s that is under an enormous amount of stress. Yeah, it'll age a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, because I mean between me, you and Mike, where are the owners of this company went through a stressful situation here about a year, two, two years ago. And you look at pictures of of us before the stress. And after the stress, it was not steroids. But good, good job.


Another year down, didn't die. That's a big part of no getting older. Yeah, that's a yearly win. That's like something I like joking about because I don't know why I find it's funny. It's like, just don't die. You know, you could go do whatever, just don't die. Some people don't take it. That is like it's like a little dark comedy. I guess.


But no, the outcome. That's the big topic. We did you guys didn't do a podcast while I was gone. No, she got a little busy. Yeah, she was swamped and marketing.


For new products. Yeah, it was okay. I was good thought. Yeah. Yeah. But no, you know, I got, I got fucking, I didn't get, I didn't get really any hate for this hunt this time.


That's good. But I got a ton of fucking comments and questions. People want to hear about it and everything. But, um, but I didn't get as much hate.


The bear pissed a lot of people off. Yeah. This one, they're like, oh, you killed for not sport. And I'm like, no, I don't, I'm going to eat whatever I fucking kill. Yeah, I killed a giraffe. I'm eating the fucking giraffe.


Fucking neck the nuts. I'm eating it. Got to. It's part of it all. Uh, but no, it was the feet thing is was is what pretty much through me for the biggest loop on the outcome. Yeah, the boots are very important. We put on.


In four days, we put on probably, we put over 40 miles and put in probably around there. Yeah, 40 miles on foot up and down mountains and, um, probably the biggest takeaway is that we'll start with it and end with it. Backcountry archery hunting is like a phrase. Okay. Backcountry archery hunting.


Those men are fucking psychopaths.


Fucking psychopaths because in on public land, like, you're going to go for a very long time. But like, you can go and you can go road bugle, like, you can drive down the road, bugle for elk in the, in the timber. And they might, you might hear want to be able to walk and get one.


Okay, but that's not part of the fun. That's not like embracing the sock. Right. And that's part of the backcountry archery hunting. And that's what we experienced. And it was absolutely batshit fucking crazy.


And out of the gate, there's a couple of people. Obviously, Cameron Haynes, everybody knows who Cameron Haynes is within that. But there's a guy. His name is Elk shape.


Online Elk shape. His name is Dan. Can't remember his last name. But he's another one. He's another fucking looney tune that is a fucking savage. And there's a, there's a ton of guys that aren't even really on Instagram or anything that are big deals with in the hunting community that just like the hunt shit.


And are fucking animals. I equated it a lot to what you do with Iron Man training. Yeah. Because in this backcountry archery hunting, like, you have to get close to the animal.


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