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149: Football Daily's Alternative Awards 2021

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 16 December 2021

⏱️ 62 minutes

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This week on Extra Time Pat van Straaten is joined by Zac Djellab and Henry Hill to hand out Football Daily's alternative awards for what has been a crazy year in the world of football.. Was Harry Kane's botched transfer to Manchester City one of the most embarrassing moments of 2021? Were Arsenal the biggest underachievers once more?And does Emmanuel Dennis really deserve to be considered one of the signings of the season? All that, plus much much more, including why mighty David Moyes might just be the manager of the year!

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Hello everyone, before we crack on with the extra time end of year special,


we need to give a quick shout out to our sponsor this week, which comes in from our favorite


fantasy football platform, fan team. I'll be honest, I am pretty awful at fantasy football.


I'm sure many of you out there sympathise with me when I say I've neglected my team


since about game week six. Just had a look, it's absolutely shocking. I've got


Trinkown, Danny Yings doing nothing. Can art it send to half hardly appearing at all?


I'm bottom of every league I appear to be involved in, and yeah, it's just a bit embarrassing.


I'm even below Zach in the football daily one. That's how bad it's got so far.


Fortunately for players like myself, and I'm sure many of you out there,


fan team have the perfect solution to get back into fantasy football, so they've launched


their £100,000 Premier League second chance season game, but you can basically just hit the


refresh button and get going again the second half of the season. You all know how fantasy football


works, but what's exciting about fan team is that it's free to enter for all new and existing


users on the platform already. If you want to enter multiple teams beyond then it's £10


a ticket, and you've got into the 14th of January to build your team and get going.


And there are some serious prizes up for grabs, serious prizes up for grabs, 20 grand for whoever


comes in first place, top five or receive a minimum of £1,000 each, even £3,000 to £4,000,


get at least £5 that's probably where I'm looking to end up. I've just had a look at building


my attack, I've gone for Diego Jota and lack a set up front. £7.7 million each, not the most


expensive forwards on the game, but I just reckon with Abamiang out in the cold and with the Afcon


coming in, those two are going to bang in 2022. Along with Ebary Che Eze, it's only got two points


on the game so far, but only £6 million back from injury, he is my shout, although my shout's


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