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Seth Feroce

Society & Culture, Comedy

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🗓️ 15 July 2022

⏱️ 124 minutes

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On this episode of the HWMF Podcast, Seth and Josh discuss being yourself, Good Dick Days & handling the overall stress of life.

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I'm not obsessed with feet, but I do like things on my feet like I like like sandals and stuff like I just like to see how they feel differently.


This is gonna go well.


So like the like getting hit like with like hammer with ads. Yeah, I get hammer with ads for just about everything under the sun.


I know how to stop them. I know how to completely stop them from coming up on your ship. Get out of here. Yeah.


This is like groundbreaking information or probably not. We just found out. Shane, you're recording, right? I'm recording.


Okay, let's sum up. This is how you stop ads. Stop them. All you got to do is buy the shit that they're giving you.


You buy the shit. You end the funnel that you're in. You're in a funnel.


This is digital marketing one on one. You were going to get served ad after ad until you buy that. So buy that shit.


Fucking down. Shane increased all acts and sledge advertisements.


I hated this logic. I absolutely. This is why we have 37 Amazon boxes on our front porch. You know what?


I bought these things because they looked cool. I love sandals. Yeah. I love them. I'm fascinated. I'm in my bare feet a lot.


But then like I just like sandals like I don't know why. Maybe it's because they're like they're inexpensive enough for me to feel comfortable buying all of them.


Yeah, you know, I mean like if they were over a hundred dollars, I'm not buying that. But I'm Birkenstocks. No, but Bob over here apparently.


It's just you know, I don't I don't own a pair, right? But like everybody that I see that has a person like oh man.


It's the best thing that ever put on my feet. I had one footgasm. I don't know if I see Adeline will.


What size is sure you are 11. Okay. Me too.


We have the same size dick. For sure. I thought I knew Bob's dick because I knew Bob so well.


But apparently I don't apparently has a shape to it that just I'm like man. I don't that's not what I envisioned.


Bob's dick looking like apparently it's a very pleasurable shape. Yeah. Yeah. Very visually appealing.


I think so. I think it's like a text. A lot of people look at like at penises like a lot of women have been like penises are ugly and I was like well.


I don't think my penis is ugly. I mean look at a lot of ugly dick.


I don't mean I mean yeah you were in the military so you probably seen different shape sizes and just weird.


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