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134: Transfers That Have To Happen Before The End Of The Window!

Extra Time

Extra Time

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🗓️ 25 August 2021

⏱️ 57 minutes

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On this week's episode, Henry Hill is joined by Patrick van Straaten and Samuel Obaseki to cast their eye over everything transfer-related. They take the top six clubs (plus one - Arsenal or Leicester, take your pick), and bring up a few names each should be looking at. Before that though, they discuss the Kylian Mbappe situation now Real Madrid have finally put a bid in for the PSG man, and whether or not Mino Raiola should be commanding all that money for his client Erling Haaland, who probably doesn't care about any of it. So who should Man City target up front - Lautaro Martinez or Harry Kane (yes we filmed this before his announcement, you don't need to tell us), and should Chelsea prioritise a centre-back in Jules Kounde, or Saul Niguez in midfield? Patrick explains why Rodrigo Bentancur is perfect for Man Utd, whilst Spurs and Leicester lack any decent squad depth - could one of them go for Philippe Coutinho? Then of course, they talk Arsenal, and Patrick is surprisingly optimistic. Maybe it's because he's a new dad. Enjoy!

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Extra time.


Hello and welcome back to the Extra Time podcast.


This week we're hosted by me, Henry Hilbert.


Don't worry, we have Patrick Van Strassen here as a guest back on the show


along with Samuel Obaseki.


Please join us as well.


Oh, my days, Henry, Henry.


You are not my teacher.


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