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130 - Bush Justice Department Admits To Pervasive Lawbreaking / Listener Email On Hannity, '08 Race / Helping A Fellow Progressive


Jack Clark

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🗓️ 21 August 2008

⏱️ 28 minutes

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Today, you'll hear about rampant lawbreaking by Bush administration officials within the Department of Justice. It's not a pretty picture. And it's the DOJ itself making the charge!You'll be treated to listener emails on Sean Hannity and the '08 campaign. I'll play you a Hannity audio clip that may well rile you up.And, last but not least, you'll learn about a fellow progressive who needs a bit

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Greetings, you're listening to podcast number 130 of Blast the Right.


I'm your host Jack Clark, great to have you on board.


You'll hear about rampant law breaking by Bush administration officials in the


Department of Justice. It's not a pretty picture. You'll be treated to listen


to emails about taxes in Sean Hannity. I'll play you a Hannity audio clip that may


well rye you up. And last but not least, you'll learn about a fellow progressive


who needs a bit of help. Let's get right into it. File this under unbelievable


script scenarios. You're in the White House and wander into a conference room.


No one notices you're in the back, so you decide to stick around and listen to what's


going on. You see a notation on the blackboard that this is a seminar called the thorough


process of investigation. Sounds reasonable, if you're going to investigate, might as well


be thorough about it. But then, your jaw drops. The instructor is explaining how you need


to search a job applicant's background for important terms like Florida recount, guns,


abortion, and homosexual. Huh? Maybe now you turn to Blast the Right to explain what's


going on. Here's the scoop for you. Sources you'll hear in this segment include The New York


Times, The Los Angeles Times, Media Matters.org, USA Today, and The Washington Post.


The Federal Department of Justice has an Inspector General, as well as an Office of Professional


Responsibility. They've undertaken a series of investigations examining how Bush, DOJ


political appointees handled hiring and enforcement. The investigations, in short, are asking


whether the Bushians have politicized the Justice Department in an illegal manner. Unless


you've been paying real close attention to the news, you wouldn't have seen that this


summer the first two of these reports came out. Both studies condemned the Bushians for


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