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#117 - JERKIN' & DRIVIN'

HWMF Podcast

Seth Feroce

Society & Culture, Comedy

4.91.7K Ratings

🗓️ 1 December 2021

⏱️ 80 minutes

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In this episode of the HWMF Podcast, Seth Feroce and Bobby Dautrich talk all Tiger Woods, being an original company, and standing up for what you believe in. They also touch on Bob's new training, the HWMF Transformation Challenge, and ponder the question, can Tren help the body deflect a taser shot?

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Tiger Woods jerking off all drive and cause the accident driving 90 miles an hour jerking off


It likes adrenaline he was going for the adrenaline rush


What a way to go out


It says high as this the PGA Superstore you guys so full-length leg pants


So that's a real thing did you see that dude could fucking sell anything?


It's never gonna stop no, I mean I bought it like like Alan Iverson


I was more than one compression sleeve and then he wore like the the sweat bands on his fingers like I had all of that stuff


Yeah, I never even played basketball like in school. No, I thought it was him the answer


To every question


Patches in a text have you listen have you listened to this yet? It can't believe Shane was right


Tiger Woods speaks to media for the first time since serious car crash earlier this year


Jerk enough while driving you heard it here first. Yep


Only you have the inside scoop. Yeah, obviously if he didn't they no one knows the reason behind his crash


And obviously if there's no one that knows it was something to be ashamed of. Yeah. Yeah, definitely the jerk


An awful gun 90 miles an hour. Yeah


Yeah, we were all astonished by that assumption. Yeah, it was pretty amazing that day. That's the only rational answer


We're the fact that he was Brent breaking mentally probably driving and drove himself into something because he was upset with his life


Might wouldn't kill himself. I'd been that too. Oh, yeah, I'll avoid that. Thanks. Yeah, jerk it off sound


Yeah, we're gonna go without that was literally the first thing we walked in the next day and we're all like what does he do and I was like


Jerk enough. I'll drive it. You came into the office. You're like, yeah, he was driving off. I get it


I know what it was. I know what it was. He was definitely stroking one


Like a miancanon's dick driving 90 miles an hour. I couldn't stroke the green. So I decided to


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