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1. The Greatest Spy of WWII (Season 2)

Good Assassins

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History, True Crime

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🗓️ 20 October 2022

⏱️ 43 minutes

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The story of one of the most consequential spies in American history. Her name was Virginia Hall, and she was known to the Nazis as "The Limping Lady." The Nazis called her “the most dangerous of all Allied spies.” From spy to resistance leader, her story is a thrilling tale of a woman whose efforts in the face of fascism, racism, sexism, and ableism saved thousands of lives.

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A note. This episode contains descriptions of violence and torture that may be disturbing for some audiences. Please take care in listening.


This series is based on historical characters and real events. Some dialogue has been imagined for dramatic purposes when no primary source material is available.


The woman in the jail cell was proving to be a problem.


It was November 13, 1942, and she derived in San Juan de las Abadaysas the day before.


She was discovered at the train station with three strange men. When the Spanish officers demanded to see their passports, none of them could produce one.


The woman was separated from the group and thrown into a cold, isolated cell. The notes in her arrest file only deepened the mystery of her identity.


Her Spanish was formal, her accent sounded French to their ears, and her request singular.


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