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Off The Husk

Zach Johnson

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🗓️ 8 January 2021

⏱️ 75 minutes

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Welcome a real shitty dude Pat Johnson from #2 injection. The shit gets deep and we discuss all things manure application.

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Welcome to the Off the Husk podcast just a reminder that this is not the Millennial Farmer YouTube channel


There's a lot of adult humor Becky and Randy have a difficult time being mature on the mics


So if you're not comfortable having your kids listen to it. I don't know make your own decision


Or if you're a sensitive adult see you should have had your mic on for this


Hey everybody if you have watched the Millennial Farmer than you know I've got a pretty righteous


Thunder Creek fuel trailer out here


Thunder Creek fuel trailers are built by farmers for American farmers


Right now a lot of farmers are taking home fully loaded Thunder Creek trailers that are in stock near you with an average of only


$1,300 down financing is of course subject to approval you can check out thunder Creek dot com for product info


Some stories from the field and other great deals. That's thunder Creek dot com


I've got side checked about three different times so I found nothing that's what happens when you look at your phone


You go there for one thing yep, and then 40 minutes later you're like I got to get off


It's like hitting the search button on Instagram and it takes you down a rabbit hole in an hour later like what the hell is I searching for?


You too, huh?


It's just an excuse I use


Weird page


How did I get here all I did was hit search and then I clicked on one bikini model and another bikini model and I don't get it


I hate this platform


Yeah, it's a hell of a suit right in the closet


That happened to you Becky all the time you should be on mic number three


What are you tap it are you still mic three? Yeah, okay good


Do you know how to know what embarrassing rabbit hole I fell it down into?


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