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094 - Success Doesn’t Equal Happiness

The Ground Up Show

The Ground Up Show

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🗓️ 16 January 2019

⏱️ 69 minutes

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Alex Banayan is an entrepreneur and author of the book, The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launched their Careers. In this episode we talk about overcoming fear, the dangers of being overly persistent, and the truth about success and happiness.

Find Alex here: https://thirddoorbook.com/

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Episode Highlights:

00:58 - Success and happiness are linked
09:39 - Defining success and advice for people on the journey
14:11 - Practical Steps for success
18:42 - Advice to land your dream interview
27:39 - Using the Inner Man Strategy
31:13 - The danger of too much persistence
36:42 - Preparing for a big interview
42:45 - Advice for people starting out: the idea of the third door
46:25 - Hustling the right way
54:37 - Overcoming fear to achieve the life you want
59:29 - Quick Questions

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Hey everyone and welcome back to the ground up show I'm your host Matt Diavella


and this is a podcast about starting something from nothing. This week I'm joined


by Alex Benayan an entrepreneur and author of the third door the wild quest to


uncover how the world's most successful people launched their careers. On the


podcast we talk about overcoming fear the dangers of being overly persistent and


what he's learned about finding success. And if there's one thing that I am


certain of is that there's no like you said exact blueprint to success.


Anyone who's trying to sell you that is in the United States of America.


This podcast is ad free thanks to listener support go to patreon.com slash


Matt Diavella to help keep it independent and get access to exclusive videos on


filmmaking and lifestyle design with new content coming every month. Again that's


patreon.com slash Matt Diavella. Enjoy the show.


To start things out let's can you give me an introduction basically what is it


that you've been doing over the past five years you don't have to go into crazy


granular details I know you've been busy and what's your work life look like


these days. So for the past it's set been almost seven years now I've been


going on a journey tracking down some of the world's most successful people


figuring out when they were just starting how they launched their careers. And


the interviews and the stories of the journey are now in the book the third


door which just came out a few months ago and I could be happier about it. In your


opinion does success often lead to happiness. Where does that correlation look? And


I imagine it's kind of difficult because a lot of the times you're interviewing


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